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About Us

 About Us

Serving South Florida With Over 50 Years Experience!

Sea Coast Fire, Inc. was established in June of 2002 by professionals in the industry with over 30 years of experience in commercial, marine, restaurant, retail, and wholesale sales and services. Based in Miami, Florida, Sea Coast Fire, Inc. has been proudly serving clients across the State of Florida, from Key West to Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale to Tampa and the Caribbean.

Sea Coast Fire, Inc. is ABS certified as well as Lloyd's Register Certified for the survey and maintenance of all types of Fire Equipment. All our technicians are state licensed, insured and approved carriers. In addition they have passed the federal and military security clearance program, drug screening and background checks.

We make sure your business is protected by providing pertinent information on safety requirements and conditions, and supplying you with prompt, reliable service. Our licensed and trained technicians are extremely knowledgeable and capable of performing anything from sales to new installations, inspections, training and educating your staff.

Sea Coast Fire, Inc. is a licensed installer and service provider for:
• Sea – Fire marine suppression systems
• Fire Boy – Xintex suppression systems