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Galley Wet Chemical Systems

Galley Wet Chemical System


Accidents in the galley can lead to devastating on-board fires. Helping owners and operators protect their crews and vessels, as well as meet regulations. Sea Coast Fire, Inc. installs Galley Wet Chemical Systems, Specially-formulated to put out cooking oil and grease fires and prevent re-ignition, its wet chemical suppressant forms a thick, soapy barrier between the fuels surface and the atmosphere. Galley Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System contains sensitive heat detectors to monitor fire conditions. They are placed directly over the protected appliance or in the air flow. It can also be operated manually, using push-button switches around the kitchen. Once the control panel receives the fire signal, it emits audio and visual alarms and immediately shuts down power to the cooking equipment. Sea Coast Fire, Inc.  provides continuous monitoring of alarm input and extinguishing output circuits, as well as fault modes. Our comprehensive galley services range from grease collection and fire suppression along with on hand training to ensure a safer environment. Contact Sea Coast Fire, Inc. to to protect your investments and keep your crew safe.