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Hospitals & Healthcare

Hospital & Healthcare

In typical commercial settings, fire protection is relatively straightforward. Fire extinguishers, suppression systems and sprinklers provide protection, and alarms alert building occupants of the threat so they can follow the evacuation route and escape the building. However, these conditions differ in a hospital setting where many patients can’t move easily in order to evacuate.  Some are hooked up to life support systems that can’t be transported. This makes fire prevention and protection efforts critical, from the hospital’s floor plan to the placement and function of fire protection equipment.

The actions of hospital personnel and the functionality of fire protection systems can mean the difference between a minor incident and a tragic event. That’s why you must prepare today to prevent, control and contain a fire should one ever break in your health care facility.  Call Sea Coast Fire, Inc. today to schedule an inspection to recognize the type of danger posed by each component and incorporate effective counter measures in your facility.