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Restaurant Systems

Restaurant  Systems

With the hustle and bustle waiters, cooks, and staff going in and out of kitchens, things can get hectic. Mistakes are bound to happen. By having a restaurant fire detection and suppression system installed, you’re taking the best precaution to ensure the safety of your employees and investments. We will design and install the fire system suited to your specific needs at a reasonable cost.

Part of our fire protection service includes maintenance. Keeping your hood, duct and fan clean and running properly is the best way to ensure a safe and smooth running kitchen exhaust. We offer semi-annual fan and kitchen fire maintenance to assure the fan and blower operate at peak efficiency and keep your kitchen cool and clear during your busy times. In addition, we offer safe grease removal and follow regulations to prevent hazard situations.

We provide you with the best source of fire protection for a commercial kitchen. Our 24 hour crews are ready, willing, and able to clean your duct system and fans. Our work will not interfere with your daily restaurant kitchen operations.